Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Take matters into your own hands, increase safety and reduce speeding accidents with E-SMART; an Advanced Driver Assistance System that actively controls speed for real-time dynamic speed limiting in all areas.

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A Smart Solution For Vehicle Safety

E-SMART is an intelligent speed adaptation technology that lets users set a maximum allowed speed limit for every speed zone, thus capping the vehicle’s maximum speed automatically on all roads. The system effectively eliminates the need for corrective actions from fleet administrators with its preventative technology, thus reducing the amount of resources needed to improve safety across the board. E-SMART’s speed management feature is customizable. It gives fleets the flexibility to set different speed allowances according to location.

Most monitoring systems that gather data on vehicle speed and driver behavior have proven useful when implemented correctly. However, these systems require a Fleet Manager’s time to review, identify, train, and coach drivers. By implementing an active speed management system, fleets can benefit from the same monitoring features with additional advantages.

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