Frequently Asked Questions

If the device malfunctions the system will reset to OEM Mode. If the device stops working, the power will be disconnected.

The E-SMART system is customizable to a fleet’s preference. A predetermined maximum speed can be programmed into the system for each posted speed limit.

No, the E-SMART system is not responsible for drivers that receive speeding tickets because we cannot foresee any changes that the DOT may make by adding or modifying speed signs on U.S. roads.

No, the E-SMART system is not responsible for a driver who is accountable for an accident; the system only controls the power available to the throttle. The system does not assume responsibility for driving impairments or collisions.

E-SMART Video can be found on the E-SMART website here.

The E-SMART system is not currently compatible with LoJack or other telematics companies, but the system will be compatible with the most popular telematics systems on the market in the future.