Fleet Monitoring and Management

Stay in the know. E-SMART gives you all the tools you need to monitor and manage your fleet.

Speed Settings

Administrative users can set the maximum allowed speed settings per zone through the E-SMART web portal. These changes are done remotely and take effect in real time.

Key Performance Indicators

E-SMART collects valuable data to help monitor and manage a fleet. Unlike other platforms, E-SMART gathers and stores information depending on the traveled speed and distance. This allows administrative users to extract and analyze valuable data related to an incident.

Through the web portal, users can quickly assess KPI’s for individual trucks and overall fleet performance for any time period.

Live Maps

Quickly identify trucks that are stopped, idling, or running. The interactive map helps you locate any vehicle and identify which vehicles are in key areas.

You can also view your vehicle’s real-time speed and posted speed limit information.

Route History

Extract detailed route information for any vehicle for any given date. Route History will reveal when and where the vehicle was running, at which speed, and if it was idling or stopped. It will also display any areas where the vehicle exceeded the maximum allowed speed or entered any geofenced locations.

Route History can also provide key data prior to an accident or speeding infraction.



E-SMART will automatically store over- speeding events. Users can configure the threshold at which they wish to be alerted.


Users can choose to be alerted when a vehicle enters any geofenced location such as restricted commercial roads or low clearance bridges.


Additional notifications can be defined. For example, a Safety Manager may want to be notified if a vehicle is stopped on the side of the highway.