Sidhu Truck Line Adopts E-SMART Dynamic Speed Technology

Sidhu Truck Line Adopts E-SMART to Improve Safety

Bakersfield, CA Dec 21, 2023 – Sidhu Truck Line Co, a California Based Fleet, has partnered with E-SMART, a leading Dynamic Speed Management provider, to outfit their fleet of nearly 100 trucks with E-SMART to improve safety. E-SMART’s ADAS/ISA solution decreases speeding events by up to 90% with active, real time speed control.

The E-SMART solution uses GPS technology to determine vehicle location to actively manage its maximum allowed speed, provide real-time safety alerts, and identify known hazard areas such as low clearance bridges. Leading fleets currently using the E-SMART technology report a significant decrease in speed-related citations and accidents and an elimination of bridge strikes.


Sidhu is a small company, founded in 1994. With high standard services and affordable rates, Sidhu managed to grow and expand operations. In 2005, Sidhu officially became an established corporation in California. Presently, Sidhu serves 48 states across the United States.


E-SMART develops and manufactures innovative software/firmware solutions that significantly improve vehicle safety. Located in Indianapolis, IN and Montreal, Canada, E-SMART serves all North America. It is helping fleets set new safety standards in the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) environment with the implementation of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology, Dynamic Speed Management, Low Bridge Collision Prevention, Custom Geofencing, and Remote Immobilization. For more information, please visit: