Arnold Transportation Partners with E-SMART to Improve Fleet Safety

Arnold Transportation to implement E-SMART Active Speed Management technology

INDIANAPOLISDec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arnold Transportation, a Texas based transportation company, announces new partnership with E-SMART, an ***ADAS/ISA*** provider dedicated to improve vehicle safety. This collaboration signals Arnold Transportation’s focus on heavy-duty vehicle safety innovation. E-SMART will bring benefits to the fleet through its advances in active speed management, low bridge collision prevention, and remote vehicle immobilization.

“Speeding is one of the leading causes of collisions in this country.  The E-SMART program will actively ensure that our trucks are obeying the posted speed limits and leading the way to reducing the number of collisions on our roadways,” said Mike Delbovo, President at Arnold Transportation Services.

The E-SMART solution uses GPS technology to determine vehicle location to actively manage its maximum allowed speed, provide real-time safety alerts, and identify known hazard areas such as low clearance bridges. When a driver approaches an area of concern, the vehicle will be limited to idle. Leading fleets currently using the E-SMART technology report a significant decrease in speed-related infringements and accidents and an extensive savings among toll-related fines

“E-SMART is gaining tremendous momentum in our mission to improve road safety. We are showing the industry that Intelligent Speed Adaptation, an active technology, is the solution to reduce speed-related accidents. We are proud to work with Arnold Transportation, a visionary fleet that prides itself in investing in the latest safety technologies.” said Mathieu Boivin, CEO at E-SMART.

Arnold Transportation fleet is scheduled to be fully deployed by the beginning of 2022.


Arnold Transportation is a full-service truckload carrier headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas. Arnold’s heritage dates back to the 1930s, when its strong foundation in Regional Service was established. Today the company provides Irregular Route Truckload Service, Dedicated Solutions and Logistics Support. Through these services, Arnold creates a wide range of possibilities to assure customer products are delivered on time. Because its operations are strategically concentrated in the South Central and Midwest states, the company consistently re-creates capacity for its customers in, between and around major markets. Arnold operates in regional markets for customers who need a flexible, performance-driven carrier.


E-SMART develops and manufactures innovative ADAS solutions that increase the safety of fleet vehicles. Located in Indianapolis, IN, E-SMART helps set new safety standards with Intelligent Speed Adaptation. This solution determines vehicle location in real time to actively manage the maximum speed the vehicle can attain in the respective posted speed zone. Along with its other safety features, namely, Low Bridge Collision Prevention, Active Geofencing, Remote Vehicle Immobilization, and Telematics Integration, E-SMART leads the way in reducing the number of collisions on our roadways. For more information, please visit:

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