E-SMART sponsors ATA Thought Leadership Series webinar: DRIVING SAFETY TECHNOLOGY – Commercial Vehicle Speeding & Low Bridge Hit Prevention

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The importance of having alert and engaged drivers is indisputable as drivers are essential to the success of any fleet. However, at times they may find themselves requiring assistance when navigating factors such as vehicle size, varying speed limits, environmental conditions or even fatigue. With the aid of technology, the industry can ensure that roads remain safe by equipping drivers to properly mitigate these safety hindrances. Many technologies currently exist to assist a driver with respect to field of view, braking, and even steering functions, but few technologies can actively control a vehicle’s speed limit and alert the driver of approaching low clearance barriers.                                                                                                                                        

ATA presents the first webinar of ATA’s Thought Leadership Series, “DRIVING SAFETY TECHNOLOGY – Commercial Vehicle Speeding & Low Bridge Hit Prevention,” in assembling transportation stakeholders to provide a concentrated look at these issues, the solutions available, and the role government is currently playing in influencing research and policy development. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of:

  • How managing speed and a vehicle’s heading can safely be achieved through available intelligent technologies;
  • The impact this technology has on both accident occurrence and severity; and
  • How other countries have mandated applicable technologies for their safety goals.   

About the Panelists:

George Bassily, Vice President of Strategy, E-SMART

George Bassily is the Vice-President of Strategy at E-SMART and provides direction to the executive committee and board of directors in strategic planning. Since joining E-SMART, he has worked on the development of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems from conception to commercial launch and spearheaded partnerships across telematics providers. George has used his in-depth industry knowledge and extended customers relationships to drive product innovations and integration of custom solutions for fleets including Coca Cola, Western Express and Covenant amongst others. He is a member of the Future Truck and Trailer committee with TMC, and specializes in optimizing fuel consumption, road safety and connected devices in the transportation industry. He received an Engineering degree from Concordia University, and is actively pursuing an Executive MBA at McGill University.

Kendra Hems, President, Trucking Association of New York

Kendra Hems has been serving as President of the Trucking Association of New York since 2008. Ms. Hems served as National Chair of the Trucking Association Executive Council in 2017 and previously served as a Regional Chair of the Council in 2012. She served as a member of the American Transportation Research Institute’s Advisory Committee from 2011-2013, and from 2004-2007 served as President of the board of the North American Pre-Clearance System (NORPASS), a partnership of state and provincial agencies and trucking industry representatives who work together to promote commercial vehicle safety, efficiency and effectiveness throughout North America.

In November of 2010, Ms. Hems was named to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s transition team on transportation and infrastructure. In 2012, she was added to Governor Cuomo’s Chairman’s Committee to help identify ways to reduce burdens on New York business. In May of 2020, Ms. Hems was appointed to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Surface Transportation Council to advise on transportation issues related to COVID-19.

Ms. Hems was recognized by her peers in 2014 with the Trucking Association Executive Council Leadership Award. In 2018 she was recognized by City & State with a Rebuilding New York Award for her work to improve efficient freight delivery in New York City. The Truck Renting and Leasing Association presented Ms. Hems with their State Trucking Award in 2019. Ms. Hems also received the Responsible 100 Award from City & State in 2019, which shines a light on an elite group of leaders who are setting new standards of excellence, dedication and leadership in improving their communities and making transformative change.

Demel Gaillard, Safety Coordinator for Freight Mobility, Transportation Planning & Management, New York City Department of Transportation

Demel Gaillard, serves as the Safety Coordinator for the Freight Mobility unit within the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT). Demel has over 13 years of professional experience within the transportation industry, most of which has been focused on community outreach and stakeholder engagement. He has been involved in coordinating and overseeing a number of initiatives associated with New York City’s Vision Zero public safety initiative, helping to improve and enhance the safe travel for residents citywide. Within his role at NYCDOT, Demel leads the agency’s Truck’s Eye View safety outreach program which educates vulnerable roadway users about the dangers of the large, obstructed views located around trucks and other large vehicles. Under his leadership the program has expanded, reaching communities citywide, while educating nearly 10,000 residents since 2016. Demel also leads the Interagency Bridge Strike Reduction Task Force, a regional working group of tri-state transportation authorities and jurisdictions, tasked with the mitigation of bridge strikes citywide and in neighboring regions. The task force’s focus is to create key educational, safety, and enforcement initiatives and programs focused on reducing regional issues regarding negative truck impacts to elevated infrastructure. Demel’s educational background is in Economics, where he received his Bachelor’s degree from Baruch College in New York City.

Michael Lasko, Manager of Safety and Quality, Boyle Transportation

Michael Lasko has been working in transportation for over 19 years. He began his career as a professional driver before moving into operations and safety management. Michael joined Boyle Transportation as the Manager of Safety and Quality in August of 2015. Michael led Boyle’s safety program to national recognition in 2017 by winning the Truckload Carriers Association’s Fleet Safety Grand Prize. In 2018 Michael was the winner of the Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine Safety and Compliance Award. In 2020, Boyle Transportation won “Best Fleet Overall” in the 2020 Best Fleet to Drive For contest. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bristol College and also attended Bryant University

Dan Horvath, Vice President of Safety Policy, American Trucking Associations

Dan Horvath is the Vice President of Safety Policy at the American Trucking Associations. Dan came to ATA in March of 2018 as Director of Safety Policy after more than five years as Director of Compliance and Safety at TransForce Inc. Prior to that role, Dan was a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration auditor, examining new commercial carriers for regulatory compliance. Before his time at FMCSA, Dan spent several years in the operations and safety department at Mlaker [MA-LACK-ER] Transportation Inc., a Pennsylvania-based motor coach and student transportation company. In September 2018, Dan was promoted to ATA’s Vice President of Safety Policy. In this role, he represents ATA and its safety agenda before federal and state government regulators and various non-governmental organization. Dan oversees the association’s Safety Policy and Hazardous Materials committees which formulate the official safety policy agenda on behalf of ATA’s broader membership. Dan, a proud CDL holder, is a 2017 graduate of the LEAD ATA program, a board member of the Professional Truck Driver Institute, a long-time volunteer at the National Truck Driving Championships, and serves on multiple committees with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.


E-SMART is a technology company located in Indianapolis and operating across North America. The E-SMART mission is to bring Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) software to transportation. Through active speed management, the E-SMART system significantly improves both fleet safety and operational efficiency by offering fleets the capacity to mitigate speeding, reduce accident occurrence and optimize fuel consumption. As an industry leader in the innovation and adoption of road safety technology, E-SMART is helping fleets across the board set new safety standards with its innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).