Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Take matters into your own hands, increase safety and reduce speeding accidents with E-SMART; an Advanced Driver Assistance System that actively controls speed for real-time dynamic speed limiting in all areas.

Safety Through Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Prevent speeding and reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities. E-SMART is an Advanced Driver Assistance System like no other. It lets you set a maximum allowed speed limit for every speed zone, ensuring pre-emptive protection on all roads and effectively eliminating the need for corrective actions from fleet administrators.

Add-On Features

Load Based Power Management

The system assesses the required engine power according to the load it is carrying. Based on the administrator’s preference, a predetermined maximum power allocation based on vehicle payload can be programmed into the system.

E-SMART guarantees savings regardless of driver improvement and driver turnover.

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E-SMART can create virtual geographic boundaries around critical areas and assign custom speed zones to them. This feature, also known as Geofencing, allows fleets to set stricter maximum values in locations they deem as high risk.


In the event that a truck is stolen or a driver decides to walk away from duty, E-SMART can immobilize a vehicle by remotely updating its allowed speed until it is recuperated. Should the vehicle be moving during this event, the E-SMART Technical Support team can slowly and safely bring the vehicle to a stop.

How It Works


The E-SMART hardware is equipped with a high-precision Global Positioning System (GPS) and digital maps that include information such as speed limit, road type, road grade, zoning data, traffic data, and various Points of Interest (POI).

Offline maps are stored on the device and are updated remotely on a regular basis. This ensures the product’s functionality in the event that network coverage is unavailable. The system also has access to online maps for additional data with a network connection.

In-Vehicle Setup

The device is connected in series between the vehicle’s Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) and the Engine Control Module (ECM). E-SMART’s algorithm assigns a speed zone to the vehicle based on its location, route history, and the possible roads ahead. Through the web portal, users set a maximum allowed speed limit per speed zone. When a vehicle reaches the maximum allowed speed, E-SMART modulates the APS signal ensuring the vehicle does not exceed the predetermined limit.