Dynamic Speed Management

Using Advanced Positioning Technology, the E-SMART system determines the location of assets in real time to actively govern their maximum safe speed.

How does it work?

E-SMART allows you to set specific speed limits for any location. Whether on the interstate, secondary roads, or even areas without posted speed limits, E-SMART allows you to pinpoint and customize your preferred speeds. Remotely set and control vehicle speed in any speed zone, anywhere in North America using the E-SMART customer portal. The E-SMART system communicates with an ECU that is installed in the truck to control the throttle. Speed limits are updated daily using our proprietary database & map matching algorithms.

Achievements After 3 Years Using E-SMART

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50% Reduction in speed related incidents and accidents

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92% Reduction in low clearance bridge hits.

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50% Reduction in the severity of the remaining incidents and accidents.

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Fuel improvement by speed management

Customer Portal for a Customized Experience

Monitor your assets and manage your fleet’s speed through our intuitive portal. Included features:

  • Customer Portal for a Customized Experience
  • Vehicle locator and route analysis

  • Live vehicle speed settings management

  • One-click remote vehicle immobilization process


The E-SMART portal allows for changes to be made remotely, in real time. Changes to speeds can be made through the portal, making it unnecessary to bring the truck in for updates. Remote immobilization is also achieved through the portal, in real time.

Innovative ECU

Connected to the RP1226 or J1939 and the Acceleration Position Sensor (APS), the E-SMART ECU modulates the signal sent to the ECM. E-SMART is compatible with all makes and models. Average installation time is under 60 minutes. Expert E-SMART technicians provide live, onsite and remote training to your maintenance teams. 


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