Low Bridge Collision Prevention

Low Bridge Collision Prevention 

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are more than 15,000 bridge strikes in the US each year. 

These bridge strikes create millions of dollars of damage each year. Bridge hits happen all over the US when trucks themselves or the loads they are carrying are too tall to pass under bridges and overpasses. This damages valuable infrastructure, create notorious traffic jams and can be dangerous for other drivers who are at risk of being hit with fallen debris or forced to swerve into another car.

Despite added signage and other visual cues such as lighting, some bridges are hit by trucks nearly daily.  They’ve put up signs. They’ve banned trucks from entering the street. They’ve had ticketing blitzes, but still the bridges are hit. 

The E-SMART solution can nearly eliminate bridge hits with it’s innovative use of non-overridable ISA technology. When the truck approaches a low bridge, the driver will be notified and encouraged to reroute. If the truck continues to approach the bridge, the truck will coast to a stop.

One fleet using E-SMART saw a 92% reduction in bridge hits, potentially saving millions of dollars in bridge repair costs, carrier fines and damage to vehicles. This reduction in bridge strikes is also a potential point of savings with insurance providers.